adventures in photography by Mike Wingo


What happens when I hand my wife Lisa the camera…

It’s been a busy week… my son Sean married his beautiful wife Lyndsey. All kinds of celebrations and great times with family. I promised Sean I would not pick up a camera… too many of his childhood photos are absent of me, the guy behind the lens.

My lovely wife Lisa, a former journalist and teacher, picked up my gear and handled the situation like a veteran. May have to pull her into a few of my future wedding bookings with a second camera. Here are just a few she took.




Gail & Dan’s Engagement Session May 27, 2011

Hello friends!

My first post here will be simple:

I’m looking for a way to help my friends and clients see the world as I do… from the perspective of a guy from the Ozarks who’s made photography my profession for the past 30+ years. I plan to share images and a few thoughts along the way… hopefully some tips I can pass along, too, for those who want to get better at capturing the world’s images, as they see it.

Thanks for looking! I’ll be back with more….

-mike wingo